Tourer Watermelon Gimlet Cocktail
Watermelon gimlet cocktail with rosemary sprig and dehydrated lemon wheel
50ml Tourer 
25ml Lime Juice 
12.5ml Agave  
10ml Aperol 
Whites of 1 Egg 
10-15 pink peppercorns
Tea spoon of caster sugar
Rosemary sprig
Dehydrated lemon wheel

Shake and strain into coupe - Garnish with pink peppercorns, rosemary sprig, dehydrated lemon wheel and finish off with a sprinkle of caster sugar using a sieve.

Gimlet is a cocktail made of Gin and Lime juice. Our twist incorporates flavours that balance well with watermelon and mint. The Gimlet was a small tool used to tap barrels of spirits which were carried on British navy ships. Due to sailors growing a taste for using lime in their spirits to make them more palatable, this could be where the gimlet acquired its name. It wasn’t uncommon for Doctors on ships throughout the 19th century to recommend drinking gin with lime to help "wash the medicine down”.