The Mission

Our mission is to create ultra premium gins that are distilled using all natural ingredients, free of artificial flavours and ethically sourced ingredients. Tourer Gin is proud to be 100% Vegan and we look forward to creating a range of flavoured gins that infuse flavours from around the globe; creating innovating gins to push the industry to new heights.

The Brand

The word tourer is a derived from tourists. The excitement before you start your journey and once you arrive is always memorable, as should your first sip of gin rightly be. Tourer Gin is about inspiring people to become tourists of this wonderful world. 

Whether you are arriving or departing, Tourer Gin is all you need by your side. A gin created to be so fresh and smooth, it stands above all other gins.

Tourer Gin, watermelon flavoured gin with a watermelon cocktail

The Gins

A careful blend of the finest botanicals made with fresh ingredients is what gives Tourer Gin that distinctive taste. Through a delicate process of distillation, each individual botanical is carefully blended to ensure Tourer Gin leaves a sapor taste.

The Botanicals

Juniper | Coriander seed | Angelica | Orris root | Lemon zest | Kaffir lime leaves | Pink Peppercorn | Fresh Watermelon
| Fresh Mint Leaves |

Tourer Gin Watermelon & Mint Flavoured Small Batch Gin botanicals

The Passion For Exquisite Gin

Here at Tourer Gin we have a great passion for handcrafted small batch gins. Unlike the big mass-produced gins, we craft everything by hand. It takes more time and effort, but we believe you merit only the best flavoured gins. Our London dry gin is made in collaboration with an award winning artisan gin distillery, who meticulously craft our premium small batch gin. Distilled using only the freshest and local ingredients, each botanical is micro distilled. This makes for a clean, refreshing, exquisite London dry gin which we are very proud to call Tourer Gin.

Tourer Gin Watermelon & Mint Flavoured Small Batch Gin Cocktail