The Grand Tourer
Watermelon gin cocktail in tall glass garnish with watermelon and mint
50ml Tourer Gin 
20ml Lime juice 
15ml Pistachio sugar syrup 
30ml Watermelon juice 
10 Torn mint leaves 
5 Crushed pistachios
Chilli powder
Top w/ soda 
Garnish - Watermelon slice and sprig of mint

Rim high ball glass with crushed pistachio and chilli powder. Then build reminder of ingredients within the glass. Garnish with a slice of watermelon and sprig of mint. Sprinkle cocoa powder over the top to complete cocktail.

A traditional Mexican blended soft drink is watermelon, lime and sugar. By adding the additional mint and pistachio flavours, and pulling inspiration from central Asia and the middle east, before finally adding traditional English mint to bring the cocktail back home for a around the world experience, all in one glass.